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Host Frequently Asked Questions

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Living Room Tours


Do I have to host a Living Room Tour in my actual living room?
No. You may have this event at any location you would prefer with the exception of a bar. Locations can include, but are not limited to, a house, a backyard, a church, a school, a park, or even a place of business. Our goal is to find an intimate setting that fits the size of the expected crowd well.

Do I need a sound system?
No. Most tours will have a basic set-up of two speakers and mics. If the venue has a more elaborate PA system, we would love to use that. If the venue and audience size is intimate enough, we may determine a PA system is not needed.

What do I need to provide?
Electricity needs to be provided for a minimum PA sound system set-up. We ask for stools or chairs for the artists, foldable 8’ tables for merch set up, and floor seating or chairs for all guests.

We also ask that the host provide lodging and a meal for one night for the artists on the tour. This can be through a host home(s) or through a hotel room(s) near the venue. This helps us keep costs of travel down.


What is the expected schedule of the evening?
The overall schedule can vary by tour, but typically, it is a 5-hour commitment from start to finish with the actual concert being an hour and a half. Standard show times are 7PM (SUN-THUR) and 8PM (FRI/SAT). You can request a different start time as long as it works with routing schedule.

Will the artists mingle with my guests?
Absolutely! The artists will be available both before and after the show to not only meet and greet your guests, but take photos with them, sign merch, pray, eat and whatever else the evening may hold. We are coming to you! Just give us a heads-up on what you'd like beyond the show and we'll do everything we can to accommodate!


Is there a cost involved to book a tour?
There is a one time fee that ensures our artists can cover travel expenses as they travel from city to city. We have made every effort to make the tours as affordable as possible that will give you the greatest flexibility to earn back your small investment, and even make some money.

Can I sell tickets?
You are allowed to sell tickets to the show and you may keep 100% of the profits! This includes, but is not limited to, pre-selling, selling at the door, accepting donations at the door, selling online, fundraising efforts, special donations, etc. This is your show to make as small, or as big, as you’d like!


Will you help promote the event?
At your request,, the largest Christian music site online, will fully promote your event through to their massive audience. This can include, but is not limited to, social promotion (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube), on-site banner campaigns and email marketing. You may also choose to keep the event private. You will be provided with posters that you can print and images that you can use on websites and throughout your own social sites, should you choose. You will also have access to our staff for any questions or assistance. Again, this is your event to make as big, or as small, as you'd like.


The following requests are highly encouraged for a successful event for both you, and our artists.

  • Plan for at least 20 guests minimum and invite them to arrive 1 hour before show time.
  • Plan your seating arrangement for an area that can remain close and intimate.
  • Ensure there are no major obstacles between the artists and the audience.
  • We encourage you to request guests be age 10 and up.
  • If food is being served, please plan to do so either before or after the show, not during.
  • We would like the host to address guests immediately after the show regarding an optional love offering, thank them for coming and to meet with the artists afterwards.

Have questions that aren't answered on this page? No problem! We're here to help. Click here to contact us

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